2011 First Place Radio Broadcast News Winner


In their own words…

The Hearst Championship was an adventure like none other, and I can’t think of a better way to finish my college career. It was truly an unforgettable honor to rub shoulders with such fun and talented people.

Growing up in a small country town, it was a little daunting to be invited to a bustling metropolis like San Francisco with the assignment to find a great story about the city’s dedication to “going green.” You can take the girl out of the country, but you can never really take the country out of the girl. I spent Monday night and Tuesday morning tracking down San Franciscans who were raising farm animals in the city, specifically chickens and honey bees, and then had a lot of fun learning about the eco-friendly benefits of having pets that can give you fresh produce and fertilizer. When it all came together, I laughed to myself that was literally reporting on “The Birds and Bees of Going Green.”

I loved getting to know my fellow radio finalists, and as we started editing our pieces I knew I was competing against the best and brightest. I came into the competition expecting everyone to be secretive and competitive, but I quickly realized that the championship is anything but that. We all came to do our best, no matter what the outcome. All of us really are Champions for having made it this far, and I expect to continually hear great things about my fellow finalists in the future. I cannot thank the Hearst Foundation enough for the wonderful associations and new friendships I have, all stemming from such a challenging, thrilling, and rewarding experience.