2005 – 2006 Radio Broadcast News Winners

Of the 64 entries received in the two radio competitions, 10 students’ work qualified them for the semi-final round of judging. From that round, 5 radio finalists were selected to participate in the National Broadcast News Championship in San Francisco.

The finalists arrived in San Francisco on Wednesday, June 7th and that evening they met with the broadcast judges to receive their assignment. This year the radio finalists were told to prepare a story on the topic of immigration that included an anchor lead-in, a recorded wrap and a completed script to be presented as a piece for a California radio network’s morning drive segment. The judges expected to receive a piece with a hard news angle, ranging between one to two and a half minutes.

The judges received the completed tapes and scripts by Saturday morning for review. The winners were announced at the awards ceremony Saturday evening.

The first through third place winners were awarded scholarships of $5,000, $4,000, and $3,000 respectively and are featured below. The two finalists who earned $1,500 scholarship awards are: Ryan McIlvain from Brigham Young University and Stan Pillman from University of Montana. An additional award of $1,000 was given to Brenna L. Gallegos for Best use of Radio for News Coverage.