2019 National Championships

2019 National Championship

June 1 – June 6, 2019

The 59th annual Hearst National Journalism Awards Championship was the culmination of the 2018-2019 monthly competitions. 29 finalists with top scores from the 1,351
competition entries gathered in San Francisco to demonstrate their skills in on-the-spot assignments and compete for additional scholarship awards of up to $10,000.
The writing, photojournalism, radio, television and multimedia finalists, along with program judges, journalism deans, and special guests convened for this
special event June 1-6, 2019.

The eight writing finalists interviewed investor and venture capitalist John Doerr. They wrote a news story based on the interview and a personality/profile article about
Mr. Doerr. In addition, they were assigned to write an on-the-spot article about the unintended consequences of California’s housing shortage.

The six photo finalists were given two assignments: a picture story on the theme of “the 99%: Housing, Healthcare, Community” and a single image on the theme of
“Pride and Passion.”

The five radio finalists were asked to tell a local story about immigration.

The five television finalists were assigned a story on the Bay area’s concern and response to global warming.

The five multimedia finalists’ assignment was on the theme of: “How a a multi-cultural Bay Area reflects its richness.”

The judges reviewed the finalists’ pieces Wednesday, June 5th, and the winners were announced that evening at the final awards ceremony.