2018-19 Multimedia

2019 Multimedia Championship

This year marked the eighth Hearst National Multimedia Championship. From the record 278 multimedia entries received in the four monthly competitions, five winners
qualified for this special event in San Francisco. The finalists met their judges for orientation, to review the assignment and to receive a critique of their work on Saturday, June 1.

This year, the finalists were asked to produce a video piece of up to seven minutes exploring how a multi-cultural Bay Area reflects its richness.

The judges received the completed entries by Wednesday morning for review. The winners were announced at the awards ceremony that evening.

The first-through-third place winners were awarded scholarships of $10,000, $7,500, and $5,000 respectively.

The finalists earned a $1,500 scholarship.

An additional $1,000 Multimedia Story of the Year Award was selected from the monthly competition entries.

The winners and finalists are featured below.


Darian Woehr
First Place
University of North Carolina
at Chapel Hill
$10,000 scholarship


Kathryn Ziesig
Western Kentucky University
$1,500 scholarship

Additional Award

Skyler Ballard
Multimedia Story of the Year
Western Kentucky University
$1,000 scholarship