2016-17 Television

2017 Championship Television Winners

Of the 168 entries received in the Features and News television competitions during the academic year, ten finalists’ submissions qualified them for the semi-final round of judging. From that round, five television finalists were selected to participate in the Hearst National Television Broadcast News Championship in San Francisco.

The finalists arrived in San Francisco on Monday, May 29th. That afternoon, they met with the broadcast judges to review their assignment. The television finalists were assigned to tell a story about political partisanship in the age of Trump. The story was to have a news angle, to include at least one reporter on-camera stand-up, and to range from one to two minutes. The judges received the completed entries by Thursday morning for review. The winners were announced at the awards ceremony that evening. The first-through-third place winners were awarded scholarships of $5,000, $4,000, and $3,000 respectively. Two finalists earned $1,500 scholarship awards. An additional $1,000 Best Use of Television for News Coverage award was selected from the semi-final entries.


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Maggie Lorenz
First Place
University of Florida
$5,000 scholarship


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Brad Streicher
University of Southern California
$1,500 scholarship

Additional Award

Cole Sullivan
Best Use of Television for News Coverage
University of Southern California
$1,000 scholarship