2010 First Place Television Broadcast News Winner


In their own words…

“My time participating in the Hearst championship was one of the most challenging, thrilling, and rewarding experiences of my college career. For journalism students, there is simply no other competition like it.

I was challenged to find a story in the biggest city in the country and tell it the best I knew how and – as if that wasn’t intimidating enough – I would be competing against four of the top broadcast journalism students in the country for a cash prize.

What followed was an intense day of tracking down sources, lugging around camera gear, and second-guessing myself. Somehow in the edit bay the following day, things came together and my story began to make a little sense. Honestly, when I finished putting together the story, I was relieved more than anything else. But, as you can imagine, I was thrilled when I learned I had won first place.

Participating in the Hearst competition has been a tremendous honor and to be a part of it as the program celebrated its 50th anniversary in New York City made it all the more special. Thank you, Hearst Foundation, for an amazing experience.”