Scholarships, Grants and Stipends

Substantial scholarship increases were added to the program starting in the 2017-2018 school year. 
Representing an increase of nearly 50 percent, more than $650,000 will be provided annually in
scholarships, grants and stipends to participating and winning journalism students and accredited
journalism undergraduate universities. These increases are in bold.

Monthly Competition Scholarships and Matching Grants

The top five ranking entrants in the 14 monthly competitions win the following scholarships:

First Place $3,000
Second Place $2,000
Third Place $1,500
Fourth Place $1,000
Fifth Place $1,000
6th-10th Place Certificate

The top five students’ schools are awarded matching grants.

Championship Scholarships

The finalists in the Championship receive the following scholarships:

All categories:

First Place $10,000
Second Place $7,500
Third Place $5,000
Finalists $1,500
Article of the Year $1,000
Best Reporting Technique – writing $1,000
Best Photo Portfolio $1,000
Best Single Photo $1,000
Best use of Audio for News Coverage $1,000
Best use of Television for News Coverage $1,000
Multimedia Story of the Year $1,000

Intercollegiate Competitions

The winning universities of the Intercollegiate Competitions win the following grants:

First Place $10,000
Second Place $4,000
Third Place $2,000
First Place, Intercollegiate Overall $25,000


Each university receives a $250 stipend for entering a competition for a potential total of $3,500 for full
participation in the monthly competitions. This is granted simply for participating regardless of placement in the competition.