2010 First Place Radio Broadcast News Winner


In their own words…

“I was thrilled after being selected to compete in the 2009-2010 Hearst championships in New York City, and honored to represent the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. The four radio finalists that joined me absolutely represented the best of the best in broadcast journalism and I had a blast getting to know the people behind the voices I had been hearing throughout the year.

The first day was a whirlwind as we checked into our fabulous hotel – the Jeremiah Essex House – and met the rest of the competitors, judges and members of the Hearst Foundation. Tuesday night was all business after getting our assignment from the judges. We were to report a story about security in New York City following 9/11 and the failed bombing in Times Square. It was a fantastic assignment and I immediately got to work looking for a human angle to drive the story.

I left the hotel early Wednesday morning in search of a street vendor named Duane Jackson who had alerted police to the suspicious pathfinder parked in Times Square, which the county later learned had been wired to explode. After finding and interviewing Mr. Jackson, I had found my angle. My final story reflected the importance of public vigilance in keeping the city safe.

The awards ceremony took place Friday night at the unbelievable Hearst Tower. Following a wonderful reception and dinner, I was honored to have been selected as the broadcast radio news champion. It was an unforgettable experience and I cannot thank the Hearst Foundation enough for making our week in New York a memorable one, and for recognizing the work and talent of college journalists across the country! Receiving the Hearst Award was the highlight of my college career and reflects the outstanding faculty and staff we are lucky enough to have at the University of Nebraska. ”