Hearst Radio Finalists Named


The William Randolph Hearst Foundation has announced the five radio broadcast finalists selected in the Journalism Awards Program’s Radio Competition.

These five winners selected from among a record 49 entrants qualify for the National Broadcast News Championship in June 2012 along with television, writing, photojournalism and multimedia finalists.

The top radio finalists, qualifying for the Championship are:

First Place, $2,600 award,  REEMA  KHRAIS, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Second Place, $2,000 award,  HEATHER  ARONNO, University of Alaska, Anchorage

Third Place, $1,500 award,  CLARK  HODGES, University of Montana

Fourth Place, $1,000 award,  STEVEN  GALLO, University of Florida

Fifth Place, $1,000 award,  STEPHEN  TANNER, Brigham Young University

Other winners in radio who will be receiving certificates of merit are:

Sixth Place,  ERICA  BRECHER,  Pennsylvania State University

Seventh Place,  ALLETTA  COOPER, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Eighth Place,  KACEY  CHERRY, University of Texas

Ninth Place,  LYDIA  CAMARILLO, Arizona State University

Tenth Place,  BONNIE  JORDAN  CAMPO, University of Oklahoma

The schools of award-winning finalists receive matching grants.

The judges, all professionals in radio and television, are: Edward Esposito, Vice President, Information Media, Rubber City Radio Group, Akron, OH;  Kate O’Brian, Senior Vice President, ABC News, New York, NY; and Fred Young, Former Senior Vice President of News, Hearst-Argyle Television, Yardley, PA.

The 2011-2012 broadcast news competitions are held in 106 member colleges and universities of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication with accredited undergraduate journalism programs.  The Broadcast News Competition was added in 1988 to the Hearst Foundation’s Journalism Awards Program that for 52 years has included writing, photojournalism, and multimedia, and now offers awards totaling up to $500,000 in scholarships, matching grants and stipends.  Please check the monthly winners section of our Web site for the winning work, which is updated shortly after the completion of each competition.

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Jan C. Watten, program director