2021-22 Hearst Multimedia Digital News/Enterprise Story Team Competition Winners Announced

San Francisco – Winners have been announced in the Multimedia Digital News/Enterprise Story Team Competition of the 2021-2022 Hearst Journalism Awards Program. 
There were 67 entries from 41 schools submitted in the fourth multimedia competition of the academic year.

First Place has been awarded to the team from Western Kentucky University: Gabi Broekema, Addison LeBoutillier, Brenna Pepke, Zane Meyer-Thornton and Sam Mallon. They will receive a $3,000 scholarship for the winning multimedia piece titled “Appalachia’s Burden.”

The other top finalists are:
Second place, $2,000 award, Syracuse University:
Amanda Paule, Kevin Camelo, Sonny Cirasuolo, Lawry Boyer, Molly Gibbs
Third place, $1,500 award, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:
Lucas Pruitt, Elizabeth Moore, Lauren Cmiel, Chris Ocana, Brook Buchanan, Yufei Dong
Fourth Place, $1,000 award, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:
Elise Mahon,  Camila Moreno, Elizabeth Sills, Angelina Katsanis, Maggie Wong, Claire Rever
Fifth Place, $1,000 award, University of Oregon:
Aaron O’Gara, Jael Calloway, Casey Winbush, Jeremy Williams, Canden Gutierrez, Maggie Salter
The top five winning schools receive matching grants.

The sixth-through-tenth place finalists are:

Sixth Place, certificate, Colorado State University:
Laura Studley, Serena Bettis, Owen Johnson, Ben Spence, Collin Sanders, Devin Cornelius, Lauryn Bolz
Seventh Place, certificate, University of Oregon:
Eden McCall, Sabrina Baker, Noah Camuso, Rachel Chambers, Ceili Cornelius, Harper Dorman Greene,
Clayton Franke, Austin Johnson, Wesley Lapointe, Anna Mattson, Sarah Miller, Gabi Raab, Anna Scherer,
Sam Scudder, Harrison Wiesert, Jeremy Williams

Eighth Place, certificate, Western Kentucky University:
 Lily Thompson, Chris Kohley

Ninth Place, certificate, University of South Carolina:
Ward Jolles, Nick Sullivan
Tenth Place, certificate, University of Nevada, Reno:
Faith Evans, Alina Croft

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has won the Intercollegiate Multimedia Competition, with the highest accumulated student points from the four multimedia competitions held this year.
They are followed by: Western Kentucky University; University of Southern California; University of Oregon; University of Missouri; University of Nevada, Reno; Syracuse University; Arizona State University; San Francisco State University; Pennsylvania State University.
The top three intercollegiate winners earn $10,000, $4,000 and $2,000 respectively.

The multimedia judges are: Danese Kenon, Director of Video and Photography, Philadelphia Inquirer, PA; Jarrad Henderson, Senior Multimedia Producer – Investigative and Enterprise Video Team, USA Today, VA; Meredith Hogan, Senior Creative Producer, Red Element Studios, WA.

The Journalism Awards Program, now in its 62nd year, added multimedia to the competitions in 2010. The program also includes five writing, one audio, two television, and two photojournalism competitions offering up to $700,000 in scholarships, matching grants and stipends annually.
103 universities of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication with accredited undergraduate journalism programs are eligible to participate in the Hearst monthly competitions.