2020 Hearst Championship Finalists Named


The William Randolph Hearst Foundation has announced the 29 journalism students representing 14 universities from across the country who will compete in the 60th annual National Writing, Photojournalism, Radio, Television and Multimedia Championships, May 29 – June 5, 2020.

The finalists include eight writing finalists, six photojournalism finalists, five radio finalists, five television finalists and five multimedia finalists, selected from a record 1,396 entries received in this year’s 14 monthly competitions.

During the Championships, the finalists will participate in various spot assignments selected by our judges,
competing for scholarship awards ranging from $1,500 to $10,000. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, a virtual event will take the place of the in-person Championships.

We congratulate the 2020 National Championship Finalists.

Writing Finalists:
Caroline Anders, Indiana University
Matt Cohen, Indiana University
Hannah Denham, Washington & Lee University
David Eckert, Pennsylvania State University
Jack Harris, Arizona State University
Jordan Miller, University of Oklahoma
George Stoia, University of Oklahoma
Sasha Urban, University of Southern California

Photojournalism Finalists:
Nic Antaya, Michigan State University
Nathaniel Bailey, Kent State University
Kenneth Ferriera, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Michael Swensen, Ohio University
Lily Thompson, Western Kentucky University
Katina Zentz, University of Iowa

Radio Finalists:
Sofia Mingote, University of Florida
Jonah Hrkal, Arizona State University
Annabeth Poe, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Alexandra Snow, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Jared Weber, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Television Finalists:
Cambria Haro, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Spencer Humphrey, University of Missouri
Valerie Lyons, University of Florida
Dylan McKim, Arizona State University
Payton Tysinger, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Multimedia Finalists:
Mackenzie Behm, University of Florida
Colin Davy, Syracuse University
Neda Karimi, Stony Brook University
Jiakai Lou, University of Montana
Lucas Pruitt, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Presently, 104 colleges and universities with accredited undergraduate journalism schools are eligible to
participate in the Hearst Journalism Awards Program. Funded and administered for 60 years by the William
Randolph Hearst Foundation, the Journalism Program awards up to $700,000 in scholarships, grants and
stipends annually.