Hearst Editorial Writing Competition Winners

The top 20 winners in college editorial/columns of opinion writing have been announced in the 46th annual William Randolph Hearst Foundation’s Journalism Awards Program, in which more than 100 undergraduate accredited journalism programs in colleges and universities across the nation participate.

BRIAN TRIPLETT, a senior from University of Iowa, won first place. He will receive a $2,000 scholarship for his column in The Daily Iowan titled “The Sun Also Rises.” Brian will have the opportunity to compete in the Hearst National Writing Championship in San Francisco next June. The University of Iowa’s School of Journalism & Mass Communication will receive a matching grant, as do the journalism departments of all scholarship winners.

Second place in the competition went to LOLA SHRIMPLIN, from Kansas State University. She will receive a $1,500 scholarship.

Other scholarship winners are:
TODD SOUTH, University of Georgia, third place, $1,000 scholarship

QUENTIN LUENINGHOENER, University of Nebraska-Lincoln, fourth place, $750 scholarship

SARA BOYD, University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, fifth place, $600 scholarship

JAMES A. ELLIS, University of Florida, sixth place, $500 scholarship

EDMUND MEINHARDT, Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, seventh place, $500 scholarship

TY THOMPSON, Arizona State University, eighth place, $500 scholarship

DANIEL JIMENEZ, San Francisco State University, ninth place, $500 scholarship

JAKE BLUMBERG, Colorado State University, tenth place, $500 scholarship
Arizona State University is first place in the Intercollegiate Writing Competition, with the highest accumulated school points from the first two (out of six) writing competitions. It is followed by: Northwestern University; University of Iowa; Kansas State University; University of Florida; University of Georgia; University of Maryland; Michigan State University (tie); Eastern Illinois University (tie); University of Kansas. The final winners will be named in April following the last competition of this academic year.

The Journalism Awards Program is conducted under the auspices of accredited schools of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication, and fully funded and administered by the William Randolph Hearst Foundation. It consists of six monthly writing contests, three photojournalism competitions and four broadcast news competitions, with championship finals in all divisions and awards of more than $400,000 in scholarships and grants annually.

Judging the writing competition this year are: Alex Martin, Deputy Marketplace Editor, The Wall Street Journal, New York, NY; Pat Andrews, Broward City Editor, The Herald, Pembroke Pines, FL; and Stephen Buckley, Managing Editor, The St. Petersburg Times, FL.

Students who placed among the top 20 and will receive certificates of merit are:

BANKS ALBACH, San Jose State University, eleventh place-tie
AMAN ALI, Kent State University, eleventh place-tie

MICHAEL SCHROEDER, Eastern Illinois University, thirteenth place-tie

DIRK VANDERHART, Michigan State University, thirteenth place-tie

JEREMY BEECHER, University of Southern California, thirteenth place-tie

KATHLEEN C. HAUGHNEY, Pennsylvania State University, sixteenth place

ALEX MULLER, Pennsylvania State University, seventeenth place-tie

MARY SCHNEIDAU, University of Maryland, seventeenth place-tie

ROBERT J. LAHUE, California State University, Chico, seventeenth place-tie

LAURA SNYDER, University of Kansas, twentieth place-tie

LOUIS ULRICH, West Virginia University, twentieth place-tie

There were 80 students from 47 universities and colleges participating in the program’s Editorial/Columns of Opinion Writing Competition.
Jan C. Watten, Program Director
415.543.6033, ext. 308