Radio Guidelines

  • Each university may submit two different entrants’ work in this competition.
  • Radio entrants must be journalism majors attending a university with an ACEJMC-accredited journalism
    program or must be recent graduates of said program.
  • Spring, summer or fall 2019 graduates may enter the 2019-2020 competitions but would not be eligible to participate in the 2020 Championship.
  • The entries must have been published before the students were graduated.
  • A competition entry must be reports originating with and produced by a single student with primary
    responsibility for the entry.
  • Each entry must consist of at least two distinct reports, (at least one news and one feature) totaling no more than SEVEN minutes.
  • Entries must have been “aired” in the sense of having been made available to an anonymous audience of substantial size on a station or online or both.
  • Reports should be submitted as aired, and not edited substantially for the entry time limit. If a report is longer than the entry time limit, the entrant may enter edited excerpt.
  • Entrants must demonstrate their editing skills on at least one report.
  • If the entry is included in a professional website or a professional station’s newscast, the producer or news director must certify in writing that it is primarily the student’s work.
  • Entrants who qualify for the Championship may not enter another competition.
  • An entrant who has won first place in the Championship is not eligible to compete in future competitions in the same category.
  • An entry submitted once may not be resubmitted in any other competition or in any other competition year.

How to Enter

  • Competition entries are emailed as mp3s.
  • Details will be sent to all participating journalism schools.
  • If you would like to be added to the mailing list for more information, please contact Jan Watten,
    Program Director: or 415-908-4565.

Radio Competition

Radio News and Features

Entries must include at least one breaking or developing news stories and one non-deadline news, non-deadline
reporting of personalities, events, or issues. Entries may be based on but not limited to public affairs, business,
investigations, science, sports or weather.

Each entry must consist of at least one report in news and one report in features, with one piece 60
seconds or less and the second piece up to three minutes.  Any additional pieces submitted must be less than three minutes each, with a combined running time of less than seven minutes
. The reports may be part of a longer newscast, but the entry itself is limited to seven minutes.

Entries may be accompanied by multimedia versions of the reports entered as long as they were produced
primarily by the entrant.

Entries must have been disseminated on air or online or both from TBA.

DEADLINE: Entries must be received by TBA.

National Radio Championship

This event is open to the top five winners from the Radio News & Features Competition.


Radio entries are judged based on the following criteria:

  • Writing
  • Reporting
  • Editing
  • Clarity
  • Depth
  • Knowledge of subject
  • Production values
  • Originality
  • Human interest