Claudia Lacy visits her son Lennon Lacy’s grave in Bladenboro, N.C. on Sunday, December 14, 2014. The grave was vandalized shortly after his burial.

At 7:30 AM on Friday, August 29, 12 hours before his high school football game, Lennon Lacy was found hanging from a swing set nearly a quarter mile from his home. His mother was led to the trailer park where she saw Lacy’s body in a black body bag with what she describes as scratches and abrasions on his face.

Five days after Lennon Lacy’s body was found, the local police and detectives from the state bureau of investigation concluded there was no evidence of foul play, but details from the investigation didn’t add up. The family questioned the abrasions on his body and the unrecognizable shoes he was wearing that were two and a half sizes too small. The family, along with the NAACP, asked the FBI to join the investigation.

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