Ted Lovelace, 31, covers his face, in exhaustion as he holds five-month-old daughter Jordan at Monty’s Pizza in Punta Gorda. Hurricane Charley destroyed hundreds of homes, including Lovelace’s, near Punta Gorda two years ago. To ease the suffering of those displaced, the government opened a dust-filled, 90-acre trailer park, which its inhabitants dubbed “FEMA City.” The 551 identical trailers stood within spitting distance of each other, and before long, the refuge turned into a living hell for its inhabitants who were surrounded daily by drug-use and gang activity. By law, federal emergency housing is limited to 18 months, but two years later and three days before an evacuation deadline, 109 people still call the park home. Lovelace and his family are racing against time, frustration and exhaustion as the sun sets over the 55 scattered trailers left in FEMA City.

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