During Atlantic Beach Bike Week near Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, god sisters Renee Green and Sharelle “Chyna” McCord of Augusta, Ga., capitalize on the men (and women) who are hungry to see skin, charging for photos and earning cash during their annual vacation. Each year, the weekend is notorious for overexposure, with scantily clad women and shirtless men riding up and down Ocean Boulevard, also known as the “strip,” looking to see and be seen. Renee and Sharelle come each year not only to take part in the festivities, but to also make money with growing expenses from their children and the costs of everyday living. “We got bills, we got rent to pay as soon as you get back, light bill, water… all I kept saying is ‘Get money, Renee. Get money.'”

Sharelle and Renee catch up with their friends who were planning on letting the women ride on their bikes later in the day. “We meet up with them every year; they always treat us good,” Sharelle said.

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