Emily Brown, right, a mentor of Blayke McClure’s, provides him with some hard-handed advice at El Camino Real, a local Mexican restaurant, in Clinton, Mo., on Sep. 28, 2011. McClure and Brown went to dinner to catch up and talk out some of his problems with his family and past girlfriends. McClure, 18, spends most of his time hanging out with his friends late at night on the town square and ripping through tanks of gas. He likes to cause a bit of trouble and few can hold him down. HeÕs dating Shelby Franklin, 17, and spends much of his time, in and out of school, with her. TheyÕve been seeing each other for just over two months and McClure now lives with Shelby and her mother due to differences he has with his own family. McClure was planning to play football for Truman State, but he quit his senior year after several disagreements with his high school coaching staff. Currently living off money saved from selling an old truck, he has no concrete plans. However, he wouldnÕt have it any other way. After graduation he may be enrolling in the military to see the world and hopefully retire early, or McClure may go work with his father in Deepwater, Mo., welding and operating heavy machinery.

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