BRITTANY GREESON | The Roanoke Times June 21st, 2014

Kaj Hansen watches a construction worker remove bricks from the patio area outside House 15 where he resides. Kaj’s father was a handyman and his caretakers believe he watches the construction workers to learn. Although he has little spoken language, Kaj has quickly gained a reputation for his ingenuity and sense of humor. With new caretakers he often tricks them into performing mundane tasks he already knows how to do himself. His original ways of communicating have left an impact on those who interact with him daily.
ìKaj has been exposed to a lot of different mental health care methods. You get no where with your theories or with your kind of ideas about things. If Kaj has another idea he is going to go on with his idea. That is what I like a lot about him. He has a lot of personal drive,î Kasper Svensgaard, Kaj’s closest caretaker said.

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