C) The Quan family eats a hybrid Chinese, Vietnamese and American dinner together on Tuesday, June 4, 2013. In many immigrant cultures, it takes several generations of immigrants to fully disperse a family in their new country. When a family initially moves to the states, they often squeeze into a small one-bedroom apartment. Eventually a family member will buy a nicer, larger home, and the family will go there and split between the two places. This happens repeatedly until the family all has their own space, if ever. It is not uncommon to have many generations under the same roof. During the dispersement process and after, Chinese families stay extremely close and often make homemade meals every single night, sit around a circular table, and have family from around town over to share.

In 1937 the Quan family immigrated from a village in Southeastern China to Vietnam to escape the Japanese. In 1987, the family was again moved by war and began their immigration to the United States just after the Vietnam War. Now, they live in many different houses, but the bulk of the family, three generations, share a two story, three bedroom house in South San Francisco and have strong ties throughout everyday life.

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