July 13, 2020. – Hundreds of protestors gathered outside the Portland Police Association (PPA) building at 1868 N Lombard Street in Portland in remonstration of police brutality in the Rose City and across the country. The Portland Police Association, established in 1942, is an independent labor union that represents members of the Portland Police Bureau (PPB), and is one of the oldest continuous police unions in the United States. Police officers in riot gear stood guard as construction workers operated in haste to board up the windows of the PPA building. The PPB declared the gathering a ‘riot’ at approximately 12:15 a.m. on July 14 and ordered the crowd to disperse, threating to make arrests and use crowd control munitions. Hundreds of protestors remained in North Lombard Street, completely filling up the roadway. After several warnings, the PPB forcefully pushed the crowd east on North Lombard and north into the residential neighborhoods of Kenton with the use of tear gas and pepper spray. Tension between protestors and the PPB in the North Portland neighborhood continued into the early hours and some arrests were made. Photo by Austin Johnson.