One-hundred-and-eleven-year-old Lucy Mirigian, center, is greeted by Lee Houskeeper, left, as her daughter Sonia Mirigian, right, watches with admiration during an Election Day Free Lunch at JohnÕs Grill in San Francisco, Calif., Tuesday, June 5, 2018. Lucy Mirigian is the oldest voter in the City and County of San Francisco and was named the event’s guest of honor by former mayor Willie Brown, Jr.

“Women didnÕt win the right to vote until she was 13 years old,” Brown said in a newspaper column. “She has exercised her franchise in every election going back decades.”

Mirigian casted her vote early at the end of May for mayoral candidate London Breed, San Francisco Board of Supervisors President, who briefly served as interim mayor following Edwin Lee’s death.

“Women should vote,” said Mirigian. “They have a lot of power to vote.”