From left to right, Tina Liang, LisaRuth Elliott, and Chris Brazis pull weeds and fava bean stems from a bed at Alemany Farm in Bernal Heights, San Francisco. Alemany Farm is a 3.5 acre green space that not only offers a respite from the bustle of city life, but also gives community members access to free organic fruits and vegetables. LisaRuth has been volunteering at Alemany Farm since 2010 and says it’s important to her because it creates a community centered around the common goal of helping to teach people to produce their own food, but she sticks around especially for the diversity of bird, insect, and plant life. “This ecosystem that’s maintained is a nurturing space for me personally, too… It makes me a better person to be here, so I keep coming back because there’s community that I want to be with.”