2022-23 Hearst Multimedia Team Digital News/Enterprise Story Winners Announced

San Francisco – Winners have been announced in the Multimedia Team Digital News/Enterprise Story Team Competition of the 2022-2023 Hearst Journalism Awards Program.

There were 69 entries from 42 schools submitted in the fourth multimedia competition of the academic year.

First Place has been awarded to the team from the University of Southern California: Myrah Sarwar, Grace Yuan Gao, Halle Hazzard, Marta Hernani Fernandez, Rachel Kisela, Hannu Kivimaki, Charisma Madarang, Jesse Mechanic, Lajja Mistry, Jacqueline Pinedo, Sam Schwartz, Mallika Singh, Vaishnavi Vasudevan and Randy Vazquez.

The team will receive a $3,000 scholarship for the winning multimedia piece titled “Reflections of the L.A. Uprising.”

The other top finalists are:

Second Place, $2,000 award, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:
Renata Schmidt, Alex Berenfeld, Abigail Pittman, Susie Webb

Third Place, $1,500 award, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill:
J’sha Gift, Angelica Edwards, Chase Cofield, Jacob Turner

Fourth Place, $1,000 award, Western Kentucky University:
Sam Mallon and Jordan Matthis

Fifth Place, $1,000 award, Western Kentucky University:
Zane Meyer-Thornton and Addison LeBoutillier

Sixth Place, University of Florida:
Emily Palazzotto, Kendall Brandt, Alexus Cleavenger, Amy Galo, Macie Goldfarb,
Ophelie Jacobson, Christopher Will

Seventh Place, Syracuse University:
Emma Folts, Lucinda Strol, Chelsea Stern, Sydney Gold, Alex Battaglia, Sneha KC, Abigail Jones,
Ande Wittenmeier, Bond Demetri Photos, TJ Shaw, Yasmin Nayrouz, Andrew Crane,
Rebecca Lan, Olivia Swaab, Julia Walker, Morgan Tucker, Ashley Clemens, Wendy Wang, Lang Delapa

Eighth Place, Ohio University:
Joe Timmerman and Leslie Ostronic

Ninth Place, Florida International University:
Cornia Vera, Fatema Al Sakiti, Marian Estevez

Tenth Place, University of Missouri:
Lily Dozier, Anna Watson, Avery Maslowsky

The top five winning schools receive matching grants.

The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Western Kentucky University have tied for first place in the Intercollegiate Multimedia Competition, with the highest accumulated student points from the four multimedia competitions held this year.

They are followed by: University of Florida; University of Southern California; Syracuse University; University of Missouri; Pennsylvania State University; San Francisco State University; Brigham Young University (tie); Florida International University (tie).

These awards will be presented at the Intercollegiate Awards Presentation during the National Championships on June 6 in San Francisco.

The multimedia judges are: Jarrad Henderson, Senior Multimedia Producer – Investigative and Enterprise Video Team, USA Today; Meredith Hogan, Senior Creative Producer, Red Element Studios; Robert Scheer, Visual Journalist, The Indianapolis Star.

The Journalism Awards Program, now in its 63rd year, added multimedia to the competitions in 2010. The
program also includes five writing, one audio, two television, and two photojournalism competitions offering up to $700,000 in scholarships, matching grants and stipends. 105 member universities of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication with accredited undergraduate journalism programs are eligible to
participate in the Hearst competitions.