In 1960, Randolph A. Hearst and his brother William R. Hearst, Jr. named the first program judges. The judges are professional journalists/editors whose valuable time and talents are generously volunteered to the program each year. Over the course of their terms, the judges review the work of thousands of students across the country. Judges are sent the entries and evaluate the work based on a point system. The assigned points are sent to the Foundation which announces the winners and disperses the scholarships and grants to the winning
students and schools.

The following is the list of judges who evaluate the monthly and Championship entries in the writing,              photojournalism, television, audio, and multimedia competitions of the 2021-2022 Hearst Journalism Awards

Writing Judges

Kimbriell Kelly

Washington Bureau Chief
The Los Angeles Times, CA

Larry Kramer

Retired President and Publisher
USA Today, VA

Maria Reeve

The Houston Chronicle, TX

Photojournalism Judges

Marcia Allert

Managing Photo Producer
Apple, CA

Nicole Frugé

Director of Visuals
The San Francisco Chronicle, CA

Mark Morris

Independent Visual Consultant, CA

Audio and Television Judges

Candy Altman

Retired Vice President of News
Hearst Television, NY

Holly Quan

KCBS Radio, CA

Joe Rovitto

Clemensen & Rovitto LLC, PA

Multimedia Judges

Jarrad Henderson

Senior Multimedia Producer – Investigative and Enterprise Video Team
USA Today, VA

Meredith Hogan

Senior Creative Producer
Red Element Studios, WA

Danese Kenon

Director of Photography and Video
Philadelphia Inquirer, PA