Pisco Earthquake

In an act of nature, an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 struck Peru’s southern coast killing some 500 and injuring an estimated 1,500. On August 15th, 2007 approximately 80 percent of the homes were destroyed in Pisco, leaving many trapped in the rubble. All roads to Pisco were damaged making access to the city difficult. After days of delays on the highway, Susan Vargas Guiterez and some family arrived in Pisco only to find her fathers house destroyed and family members still missing. Her father, Marco Alvarez Guiterez hugs her aunt Soyla Guiterez Fernandez crying out, “Where is Hernan and the kids, why Hernan.” Hernan, Susans uncle and Soylas brother, was in the house with his two children when it collapsed and rescue efforts from firefighters have yet to reach their district.

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