2008 – 2009 Writing Winners


1st place Trey Bundy San Francisco State University
2nd place Thor Nystrom University of Kansas
3rd place Ryan Kost Arizona State University


1st Place Beth Rankin Kent State University
2nd Place Joshua Hillman Iowa State University
3rd Place Andrew Stiles University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill


1st Place Matthew Erikson University of Kansas
2nd Place Megan Hirt University of Kansas
3rd Place Ryan Knutson University of Oregon


1st Place Rustin Dodd University of Kansas
2nd Place Brian Hughes University of Georgia
3rd Place Andrew Astleford University of Missouri


1st Place Matthew J. Harris University of Missouri
2nd Place Sean Rose University of Kentucky
3rd Place Mark Dent University of Kansas

Spot News

1st Place Kelly House Michigan State University
2nd Place Kimball Bennion University of Montana
3rd Place Kerry Klecic University of South Florida