2018-19 Hearst Multimedia IV – Team Reporting/ News Winners Named


The top ten winners in the 2018-2019 college multimedia team reporting/news are announced in the 59th
annual William Randolph Hearst Foundation’s Journalism Awards Program.

There were 80 team entries from 49 schools received in this competition.

First Place has been awarded to team members from Western Kentucky University: Gabriel Scarlett and Skyler Ballard, for their entry titled “The Wrongful Imprisonment of Jose Luis Garcia” published in WPUJ.com. They will receive a $3,000 scholarship.

Western Kentucky University’s School of Journalism receives a matching grant, as do the journalism departments of all scholarship winners. There is no Championship component to this competition.

Other winning multimedia teams:
Second place, $2,000 award, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill team members:
Kaitlin Harlow and Rob Gourley

Third place, $1,500 award, Western Kentucky University team members:
Morgan Hornsby and Gabriel Scarlett

Fourth place, $1,000 award, Temple University team members:
Jenny Roberts, Julie Christie, Sydney Schaefer, Austin Ampeloquio, Laura Smythe, Matthew McCann,
Larry O’Connor, Nico Rossi, Valerie McIntyre, Emily Scott, Grace Shallow, and Michaela Winberg

Fifth place, $1,000 award, University of Nebraska-Lincoln team members:
Gabriella Parson, Merika Andrade, Emily Case, Marcella Mercer, Elsie Stormberg, Matthew Walsh and Bill Wendl

Sixth place, Elon University team members:
Emmanuel Morgan, Maya Eaglin, Meagan Lynn and Carter Rayburn

Seventh place, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill team members:
Alex Kormann, Hanna Davison, Alexis Fairbanks, Kaitlin Harlow, MaryRachel Bulkeley, and
Danielle Chemtob

Eighth place, Arizona State University team members:
Claire Cleveland, Carly Henry, and Lerman Montoya

Ninth place, University of Florida team members:
Grace King, Rachel Tate, Sofia Millar, Taylour Marks, Devoun Cetoute, Maria Roberts, Quan (McWil) Nguyen, Meryl Kornfield, Meryl Kornfield, Hasley Pitman, Meredith Sheldon, Jonathan Santos

Tenth place, Florida International University team members:
Lizandra’ Portal, Kirsten Cabarcas, Jessica Grioua, Monique Abbadie, Jennifer Suarez, Vivian Acosta
Cassandra Cabal, Carmen de Armas, Grecia Lastra, Amanda Leon, Maria Zeppenfeldt, Annabelle Santos, Nicholas Almeida, and Carina Vo

First Place, $10,000 Award in the Intercollegiate Multimedia Competition goes to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with the highest accumulated student points from the four multimedia competition held this year.
Second Place: Western Kentucky University, $4,000 Award
Third Place: University of Nebraska-Lincoln, $2,000 Award
Fourth Place: Arizona State University
Fifth Place: University of Florida
Sixth Place: Pennsylvania State University
Seventh Place: University of Montana
Eighth Place: Temple University
Ninth Place: University of Missouri
Tenth Place: University of South Carolina

The top three winners will receive their awards at the Intercollegiate Awards Presentation in San Francisco during the National Championships in June. The fourth-through-tenth place winners receive trophies for their placement.

The Multimedia judges are: Danese Kenon, Director of Video and Photography, Philadelphia Inquirer, PA; Mark Morris, Independent Visual Consultant, CA; Brian Storm, Founder & Executive Producer, MediaStorm.

The Journalism Awards Program, now in its 59th year, added multimedia to the competitions in 2010. The program also includes five writing, one radio, two television, and two photojournalism competitions offering up to $700,000 in scholarships, matching grants and stipends. 104 member universities of the Association of Schools of Journalism and Mass Communication with accredited undergraduate journalism programs are eligible to participate in the Hearst competitions.