2013 – 2014 Broadcast News Winners


1st Place Lukas Udstuen University of Missouri
2nd Place Mitch Skinner University of Minnesota
3rd Place Ruth Eddy University of Montana
4th Place Charlie Shelton University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
5th Place Christopher Allen University of Montana

Television I Features

1st Place Jenna Jaynes University of Nebraska-Lincoln
2nd Place Christopher Adams University of Texas at Austin
3rd Place Devon Geary University of Washington
4th Place Brynne Whittaker University of Missouri
5th Place Matthew Rascon Brigham Young University

Television II News

1st Place Landon Dowdy University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
2nd Place Rachel Wittel University of Missouri
3rd Place Omar Jimenez Northwestern University
4th Place Shayne Dwyer Arizona State University
5th Place Taylor Barth University of Missouri