In the age of #vanlife, living on the road has been romanticized endlessly. The freedom life in a vehicle offers is enticing, especially in a time when many are stuck at home in quarentine. Here in Montana, daily life is nearly back to normal. For me, that means spending most of the day outside, trail running, camping and exploring. Opportunities for adventure are endless, yet there are still challenges. Loneliness. Showers. Public land disputes. Yet the chance to wake up outdoors and find a new place to stay each day, in my opinion, is far better than spending quarentine stuck in a city. These images are a short exploration of my life in my truck. Each image was made no further than 50 feet from the vehicle. (Photo) Nathaniel Bailey (the photographer) shaves using the driver’s side mirror of his truck. I do this every day before showering with my homemade truck shower or bathing in a river.