More than a week after the arrest of her father Jose (who is a legal permanent resident), Natalie Garcia tries to console her crying daughter Marley outside their home in Arleta, California from which Jose was taken. He had been watering his lawn and preparing for a shift driving for Uber–one of his three jobs–when ICE officials detained him for deportation. Since his arrest, Marley has slept in his bed and lays out his clothes each day to pretend that he is there. “I put his perfume on sometimes,” Marley explains. “I close my eyes. I cry.”

Due to recent Trump administration policies, a misdemeanor conviction from 17 years ago made him eligible for removal from the United States. Critics of the policies say that in a supposed effort to round up dangerous criminals and gang members, innocent immigrants are being swept up by ICE agents because they take fewer resources to arrest and deport.