F – Douglas Davis, a veteran employee at Britex Fabrics helps a client find fabric for making a bed spread Tuesday, June 5, 2018.. Twenty-seven years ago Davis entered the fabric store to buy fabric for a pair of pants he was going to sew. The store had a hiring sign in the window, he applied, interviewed and got the job that day. “The meaning of life is to create,” said Davis. “That’s the first thing God did after all.”
When Davis was 15 years old his grandma taught him how to sew. “She saw something in me, and pulled it out through sewing,” mused Davis. The process of helping clients flesh out the vision in their head, to find the right color and texture to make a garment is what has driven Davis to get up every morning and come to work. He still has the pants he made from the fabric he bought at his first trip to Britex Fabrics, and they still fit.