Essay entry for Hearst semi-final competition

Evo Morales, an indigenous coca farmer from the tropics of Bolivia, overwhelmingly won the 2006 presidential elections, making him the first indigenous president ever in Latin America. Depenalization of coca leaf production was a major running point during Morales’ campaign run. Eterezama, Bolivia is a small coca growing community located in the tropics of the Chaparé region of Bolivia. Eterezama was home to Morales as he worked as a leader for the coca growing federations. The United States has voiced its concern against the new pro-coca movement, which it has fought to eradicate for decades during the drug war throughout the Andean mountains. As Eterezama finds itself regaining the confidence to produce, sell, and use the plant they have harvested traditionally for thousands of years, they must wait to see if their confidence can remain.

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