WARRIOR NATION-Native Veterans and PTSD: Whether they went to war in Japan in the 40s, Vietnam in the 60s, or Iraq in the 2000s, all Navajo Nation veterans come home facing the same challenge: dealing with Post-Traumatic Stree Disorder (PTSD), but without adequate help from the Veterans Affairs. Nearly 22,000 Native Americans have served, or are currently serving in the armed forces in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. An estimated 30 percent return and suffer from PTSD, but the conditions many face on coming home however, are hardly those needed to help them through the psychological and physical damages inflicted in war. No Veterans Affairs hospital exists on the Navajo Nation, the country???s largest reservation. This forces veterans often desperate for psychological help to drive hours away, to cities like Alberquerque or Salt Lake City, but some face racial discrimination or an unsympathetic psychologist there. Often dealing with anxiety disorders, nightmares, or suicidal thoughts, some try traditional h

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