Title: The Village S¯lund
Story summary:
Against the backdrop of the Danish countryside, in the small municipality of Skanderborg, exists what locals call the village of S¯lund. Large modernized living quarters dot the landscape below the long stark white buildings that once made up a former institution. With over 200 residents, S¯lund is one of the largest living facilities for the mentally handicapped in the country with many others like it.
A vast majority of residents spend their entire lives within the village with ages ranging between 18 and 100. According to itís leadership, the goal is to form the care around the needs of the individual giving them as close to a normal life as possible. There is a sense of quiet when walking around the grounds that is often paralleled inside the homes or activity centers. Some residents stay close to their caretakers forming bonds or indulge in their toys. Others prefer the solitude of their own rooms or a calm walk into the surrounding forest. The life of each individual functions as a puzzle piece making up the story of S¯lund as a whole.

Caption 1:
Kenth Ebbensen peers from around the corner of his closet in his room at House 15, one of the residential homes in S¯lund. Due to a fall that led to a skull injury during the summer of 2014, Kenth is required to wear a special helmet medical helmet and his entire room was lined with padding.

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